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 [Jeu PC] The Experiment - Experience 112

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The Experiment - Experience 112 (2008/ENG/RUS) | Size : 1521 MB

game about the girl by name of Lea Nichols which remained last survived
on the dilapidated tanker. It was included into group of the scientists
who were lost under unknown circumstances. Now our problem begins to
rescue it and safely to deduce from the dilapidated ship...

occurs on the tanker converted in floating laboratory where the set of
scientists from different areas of knowledge worked. All of them worked
over project EDEHN (Ethology Departement of Extra-Human Neuroscience),
but once have disappeared with its full complement. There was on the
tanker only a heroine of game of Lea Nikols and its hidden assistant
having access to all watch facilities and communications. Its problem -
to help Lea to get out from the tanker and whenever possible to
understand, where the scientific brotherhood has disappeared. Eric
Venno's project (Eric Viennot) and Nicolas Delaje (Nicolas Delaye). An
example of indirect management of the hero when it is possible only to
help for it to make a choice. The player has the control over
supervision systems (chambers, including with thermal detectors),
communications (doors, tunnels and other), computer networks and
transport which there is available.

However to operate
directly unlucky профессоршей to us will not give, we will be compelled
to direct its actions by means of special screens of supervision and to
watch its movement through set of the chambers established onboard the
ship. We should become her eyes and ears on a way to rescue.

Review of game:
We and a puppet the Desire of authors to create something unusual in
sphere of game entertainments on desire and comes to an end more often.
New ideas do not find due understanding at publishers who are afraid to
put the blood money in something non-standard, without being assured
that these ideas will pay off. If the publisher has given "good" it is
soon banal financing of the project owing to prolonged process of
working out stops, and any entreaties of developers that they had
difficulties and it is necessary still a little bit for time for
operational development of ideas to mind, these decisions to change are
not capable. The reasons set, also it is suffered, first of all, we as
really fresh game products leaves very little. One hope is assigned to
independent developers whom the problems set forth above in view of
non-interference to their affairs of extraneous persons are not
terrible. Here, of course, there are also "reefs", but it is a question
not of them.

Having collected will in a fist, French Lexis
Numerique (here that is called, the happiness has come, whence did not
wait) has dared to make the present furore in the concept of game
design which consists not in a direct control of the character. The
sense of idea is not new, but in such execution and the more so in a
genre adventure/survival horror meets for the first time. Game in the
French and Dutch markets left last year and has collected in this time
положительнейшие responses. The rests needed to wait only when this
miracle of programmer thought will appear in other markets of the
world. Expectation was tightened till February of this year. This month
game under name The Experiment (in the French and Dutch versions game
called The Experince 112) left in America - in the most important
market from the point of view of profit reception.

Chambers and not only
of game we are: we. Yes-yes, in this game any person plays for itself,
peeping through observation cameras behind our puppet of Lea Nikols.
There are no heroes with the superabilities, whether it be Lara Kroft
or Sam Fisher into which skin we constantly get. There are only we
playing for, and Lea who does not possess any fantastic receptions and
abilities, and is the most ordinary girl, suffering loss of memory.
Game actions occur on the tanker converted under floating laboratory
where scientists worked over project EDEHN which essence from the first
shots anybody not begins to explain. Something, probably, has gone not
so, differently how to explain disappearance of all employees, except
Lea Nikols and us? It does not remember, why it has appeared chained to
a bed and that has occurred on a vessel. She only from first seconds of
game learns, what not one by the ship that there is someone who sits in
a room filled with monitors on which there is a signal from observation
cameras and which watches its each step. It someone, certainly, are we,
and our purpose - to be eyes of Lea and the hidden assistant who will
allow it to understand that to what and to deduce it from a vessel.

habitual understanding as such game screen on which there are basic
actions, no. Instead we have a background (it is authorised to be
changed in the game menu to already prepared sketches) over which 3
windows of observation cameras can be simultaneously displayed. On them
we also will see movement and other various actions made by attractive
girl Lea on the tanker. But somehow we should operate the girl
indirectly? Truly. For this purpose at us one more window on which the
tanker plan is represented. By means of this window we can switch on
and off light (on the plan circles), and also the various technics (on
the plan triangles), thereby shining road for Lea and drawing of its
attention, i.e. we force it to come to a place where light has lighted
up or the technics has joined. But there is more to come. By means of
the same window we can be switched to various observation cameras by
which all tanker is stuck round, and also to open and close doors of

Such technics of interaction with the
character is very unusual, she allows to feel the full power over all
event in the hands. Initially chambers are authorised to be turned
only. But later this function will join also abilities to approach and
postpone a picture, night vision, тепловизор, etc. And these functions
are made not so that were, and for their use in the decision of
problems. In addition, in our disposal there will be also a game
computer. We can initially climb in it under a login and the password
of Lea Nikols, and later - under logins of other scientists. In a
database we can find out, for example, a code which will allow to open
a door with a coded lock or any locker in which will lie vital for Lea
оксидрим. Besides, we will get access to documents, having rummaged in
which, we can find the important information. Throughout
we will densely co-operate with Lea. It will help us as can, and we -
to it. To exchange with it in pair phrases it will not turn out, but it
throughout all game it will be lovely to chatter, specifying to us what
to do further.

Genre: Adventure / 3D
Interface Language: English / Russian
Year of release: 2008
Tablet: the Russifier is not required: there is a
Size: 1521 Mb

Minimum system requirements:
* OS: Windows Vista/XP.
* Processor: Pentium4 1.5 GHz, AMD Athlon or equivalent to it.
* a video map: 64MB, supporting vertex and pixel shaders 1.1, compatible withDirectX 9.0c.
* Operative memory: 512MB.
* Empty seat: 1.4 Gb.
* Sound map: compatible with DirectX 9.0.

Recommended system requirements:
* OS: Windows Vista/XP.
* Processor: Pentium IV 2 Ghz or equivalent to it.
* a video map: GeForce 6 or equivalent / 128 Mb.
* Operative memory: 1 Gb.
* Empty seat: 1.5 Gb.
* Sound map: compatible with DirectX 9.0.
* DVD-Rom

No Password...

En Francais
------------------------------ EXP1_leclownos.part46.rar EXP1_leclownos.part01.rar EXP1_leclownos.part02.rar EXP1_leclownos.part03.rar EXP1_leclownos.part04.rar EXP1_leclownos.part05.rar EXP1_leclownos.part06.rar EXP1_leclownos.part07.rar EXP1_leclownos.part08.rar EXP1_leclownos.part09.rar EXP1_leclownos.part10.rar EXP1_leclownos.part11.rar EXP1_leclownos.part12.rar EXP1_leclownos.part13.rar EXP1_leclownos.part14.rar EXP1_leclownos.part15.rar EXP1_leclownos.part16.rar EXP1_leclownos.part17.rar EXP1_leclownos.part18.rar EXP1_leclownos.part19.rar EXP1_leclownos.part20.rar EXP1_leclownos.part21.rar EXP1_leclownos.part22.rar EXP1_leclownos.part23.rar EXP1_leclownos.part24.rar EXP1_leclownos.part25.rar EXP1_leclownos.part26.rar EXP1_leclownos.part27.rar EXP1_leclownos.part28.rar EXP1_leclownos.part29.rar EXP1_leclownos.part30.rar EXP1_leclownos.part31.rar EXP1_leclownos.part32.rar EXP1_leclownos.part33.rar EXP1_leclownos.part34.rar EXP1_leclownos.part35.rar EXP1_leclownos.part36.rar EXP1_leclownos.part37.rar EXP1_leclownos.part38.rar EXP1_leclownos.part39.rar EXP1_leclownos.part40.rar EXP1_leclownos.part41.rar EXP1_leclownos.part42.rar EXP1_leclownos.part43.rar EXP1_leclownos.part44.rar EXP1_leclownos.part45.rar

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[Jeu PC] The Experiment - Experience 112
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